Cage for the Panasonic LUMIX GH3

A semi-cage dedicated to the Panasonic LUMIX GH3.  This is the first cage on the market designed solely for the GH3, made for all GH3 enthusiastst who wish to use their camera with a solid and robust cage without adding unnecessary volume or weight.

The SC:GH3 CAGE won’t block anything on the camera. Battery- and memory card doors are free, the LCD screen can be fully flipped out, the controls have enough space above them to let you see what you do as well as allow the chubbiest of fingers to reach them. There’s room for the pop up flash so that you won’t have to disassemble the cage when shooting stills with flash and since it’s a semi cage you can still hold the cameras own grip with your right hand so that you have all vital controls at your fingertips.

Both the topplate and NATO style side rail offers many possibilities for mounting accessories. The topplate has multiple 1/4″ and 3/8” screw mounts, it also has three coldshoe mounts. The NATO style side rail has multiple 1/4″ and 3/8” screw mounts and here you can slide on an optional SC:RAIL TO ROD CLAMP that allows for infinite placing of standard 15mm rods carrying accessories like the SC4:FFOCUS (or any other single rod mount follow focus) mics, lights, monitor, EVF etc. There is room to wrap your fingers around the rail and use it like a handle.

The bottom plate has 1x 1/4″ and 1x 3/8” screw mounts for super stable attachment on a tripod quick release plate. It has antiskid rubbers both on the inside to keep the camera from turning, and on the outside to keep the cage from sliding. Also, the bottom plate is designed so that it won’t limit use of large lenses. If you wish to use the cage with an LCDVF loupe, you simply attach the optional SC:GH3 CAGE LCDVF FRAME to the bottom plate.

This cage is made from 7075 CNC-machined aluminium and weighs in at only 0.47lb (0.21kg)